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Botulinum Therapy

Botulinum toxins (neuroproteins) are among the most (!) studied drugs in aesthetic medicine: all because it is originally a neurological drug, the history of which begins in the 1960s.

Ophthalmologist J.D. Carruthers and dermatologist J.A. Carruthers first reported on the possibility of botulinum toxin smoothening eyebrow wrinkles in 1991 at the International Conference: while treating eye muscle disorder with botulinum toxin, they inadvertently drew attention to the concomitant effect of smoothening facial wrinkles in the forehead.

Spouses of Carruthers became pioneers of cosmetic application of Botox and it is this surname we owe to the beginning of use of neuroprotein for aesthetic purposes.

More than 30 years have passed and today cosmetologists use botulinum toxins in order to:
  • smoothen the wrinkles of forehead, eyebrows, around the eyes
  • lift the face oval
  • correct the gingival smile
  • turn the lips (for example, before the subsequent procedure of contour lip plasty)
  • before thread implantation (to stabilize threads and prevent their breakage)
  • before surgery (to improve healing)
  • make hyperhidrosis (increased perspiration of the axillae, arms, feet) correction
  • o in complex therapy: acne, rosacea, alopecia, treatment of scars, contractures

And many others.

I work with all of the above methods, and I really love this medicine for the highest safety and efficacy profile.
We use drugs registered within the territory of the Russian Federation: Botox, Relatox, Xeomin, Botulax, but most of all I love Dysport. And since February 2022, I have been a certified trainer of the Ipsen company.


At what age can I use it? Is it true you can’t be older than 60?
In neurological botulinum therapy, the concept of “age” is absent: children with cerebral palsy are administered huge doses of neuroprotein for their normal development every 4-6 months. 

In aesthetic medicine, the situation is different: legally, I work with patients older than 18 years, and at this age, botulinum therapy can be used in a complex correction of acne, hyperhidrosis of the palms, of the feet and axillae, as well as tracking mimic patterns (habits) prophylactically at low doses to prevent the formation of fissures and wrinkles. 

Botulinum toxins are primarily preventive drugs, that is, they are effective in the first wrinkles. 
At the age of over 60 years, botulinum therapy is simply no longer effective and with the help of these drugs alone, it is impossible to correct deep bumps.
Toxin is a poison and it’s dangerous
I put the words of Paracelsus at the beginning of the text for a reason: “'everything is poison... and everything is medicine...” it’s just a matter of dosage. 

In medicine, botulinum toxins are studied, as they say, “along and across” due to their use in neurology: high doses of drugs are used there (1-3 vials per administration) with a frequency of every 4-6 months. 

And detailed and in-depth studies over 30 years have shown no harm to patients’ health. 

On the contrary, the positive “side effects” only increase every year and the range of medication use only increases.
What can or cannot be done afterwards?
After injection into the muscle, the botulinum toxin distribution zone is occupied by a halo having the size of a nail: the drug works very locally and dose-dependently: this allows the doctor of aesthetic medicine to form an individual injection map. 

The facial muscles on your face are very small – therefore, we ask you to refrain from massaging your face, sleeping on a pillow (the first 3 hours after the procedure), using vacuum glasses for swimming, as well as sauna baths, pool and solarium.

Taking a number of medicines is better to clarify with a doctor: some drugs can enhance the effect of botulinum toxin, since they have a muscle relaxing effect (relaxing action).

Given the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin: the interaction with receptors in the motor neurons of the endplates, we ask you to actively grimace the first 30 minutes: this is necessary for effective interaction of botulinum toxin with receptors.
Priority of procedures
f you are planning any hardware treatments, start with them and only then start injecting. The interval between procedures is prescribed by your doctor based on your correction plan and the selected physical impact factor.
How to calculate the cost?
Independently – difficult: it is best to consult. But the very (!) rough calculation is as follows: each zone is about €80: forehead zone + eyebrow zone + eye zone can be about €250. (Much depends on the activity and muscle width).

If we add works with the neck muscle + €150.

Upper lip reversal + nose tip lifting is approximately + €10 

Thus, it takes about € 500 to correct the muscles of facial expression.

If it is necessary to remove muscle spasms from the masseter muscles or to correct hyperhidrosis of the axillae, you should count a full bottle of botulinum toxin (€1000).
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