“A woman can turn the world over, if she likes her reflection in the mirror”


Consultation (€ 20 - € 50)

Our journey begins with an obligatory consultation: it is important for me to see you, to touch the tissues of your face, to hear your history of previous experience, to assess the state of the skin and its ability to “survive” one or another impact.

I am drawing up your individual plan: we are discussing rehabilitation, evaluating your work schedule and lifestyle: even vacation (active sun) or flight by plane should be taken into account for your safety.

Botulinum therapy (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Relatox)

To smooth the mimic nodules, eliminate increased sweating (underarm area or palms and feet), in terms of complex therapy of bruxism.

face contour correction (fillers based on HA)

from different manufacturers (registered within the territory of the EC): replenishment of lost facial volumes, elimination of “blue” under the eyes, enlargement of the lips, correction of nasolabial folds, enlargement of the cheekbones, chin volume, elimination of “rings on the neck”, etc.

Нитевые технологии

Рассасывающиеся армирующие и лифтингующие нити, сохранение молодого лица или устранение возрастного «птоза» тканей. Авторские протоколы и результаты, которые будут радовать вас

hardware methods

Alignment of skin color and pigment removal (LUMECCA photorejuvenation), elimination of vascular pattern (VBEAM laser)

Face lifting and upper and lower eyelid skin reduction

Face lifting and upper and lower eyelid skin reduction MORPHEUS8 - a unique needle radiofrequency apparatus
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