All our injectables are like paints from artists: gouache, oil, watercolour... If you don’t like the painting, it’s not the paint, it’s the artist’s fault

Face contour correction

Face contour correction is a procedure for inserting fillers into the face.
In order to replenish the volumes lost with age (which is inevitable for all people on planet Earth), I fundamentally choose gels based on hyaluronic acid, since these are the only fillers that have an antidote (an enzyme that allows quick dissolution of the filler).

Fillers of other chemical groups do not have an antidote (!).

Hyaluronic acid gels have a number of advantages:

  • A wide range: each gel manufacturer represents at least 2 (and sometimes 6-7) preparations of different densities: it can be compared with gelatine-containing preparations: from liquid “kissel” to dense “aspic”.

    This variety of gels allows us to select preparations for your tissues: first, a zone for correction is determined, and then a filler is selected for it (!).
    For example, I can inject only one (!) filler from all the diversity into the orbit zone: because in my practice it is the only one that does not actively attract water, which is extremely important in this zone. And for the lip area (on request), you can choose a drug that actively attracts water (hydrophilic) so that the lips are voluminous and filled.
    And those drugs that we inject to sharpen the cheekbones and chin are completely inappropriate for correcting, for example, the temporal zone.
  • The presence of an antidote (hyaluronidase enzyme) that allows instant dissolution of the HA gel if it is freshly injected. However, it may take 4-5 sessions, if the HA gel is in the tissues for several months.

  • Undesirable phenomena, is sad: therefore, we remember that there is an antidote and seek medical help. But it is important to note: the better the quality of the injected gel (the absence of impurities and its purity), the faster it will dissolve.
    For this reason, it is so difficult to remove gel of poor quality. Especially if it is not certified in the EU (there is no governing body controlling the syringe composition).
  • You can see this on the ultrasound, which allows us to solve the issues of complications and adverse events. By the way, if the problem arose at doctors of our clinic, we take correction without payment.
    If the complication from doctors (or specialists) is not in our clinic - at the clinic price.


I hear these words at the appointment every shift, but fillers (HA) are not the way you think about them...

All our injectables: it’s like paints from artists: gouache, oil, watercolour... if you don’t like the painting, it’s not the paint, it’s the artist’s fault.

It is necessary to show on own example: in my face by means of gels of different (!) density the zones are corrected: a forehead, temples, cheekbones, the middle third of the face, nasolabial folds, “puppets” wrinkles, lips, the chin, cheeks. 

In total, about 11 ml of the drug was used: the question of the selected drug and the depth (!) of injections. 

I, as an artist, like to work gently: so that no one WOULD GUESS WHAT exactly you did: just rested, refreshed and slept. And we leave all the secrets between us.

So where do “duck’s lips” come from? I will be honest: their owners LIKE it.  And they find doctors(?) who also like it. 

1 ml of gel can increase the volume of the lips by a maximum of 1 size: similar to the bra: from 1 size to 1.5-2 size. 

Do not jump from the 1st to the 5th immediately – you need 5 meetings of 1 ml. 
It is quite expensive and can’t happen “accidentally”. 

And let me remind you that for hyaluronic acid gels there is an antidote – if you do not like something – you can dissolve the filler completely.
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