“Everything in the world is energy, energy is the basis of everything”

Albert Einstein

Face lifting and upper and lower eyelid skin reduction

MORPHEUS8 needle radiofrequency method

This is one of my favorite “machines”, because I can do a lot with it:

  • cut the skin flap
  • thicken the skin
  • return the tone to the upper and lower eyelids (and reduce the eyelids by 1-2 mm)
  • remove the “fat” from the oval or the 2nd chin
  • tighten the ligaments of the face
  • regain the tone of the neck
  • tighten the tummy after childbirth
  • o tighten the knees and remove the fat from them
And many others. Globally, wherever there is skin that you don’t like, you can walk with Morpheus8).


The radio-frequency method allows you to warm up (temperature and depth are determined by me as a doctor).

The tool for conducting energy into the skin is a nozzle with needles (there is a nozzle for eyes, face and body).

The innovation of Morpheus8 is that each needle is surrounded by a protective insulating silicone cover, and energy is released only at the ends of the needles. It can be compared to a magic wand – which has a ball of energy at the very end.
The needles thus work as conductors for energy, but most importantly – thanks to this technology there is almost no rehabilitation. We, as doctors, know a lot of different equipment, and we can say that not bright puffiness of the face for 1-2 days (and not in all patients) and single small bruises (as after mesotherapy) can be, but not in all patients.

Morpheus is often done before the weekend to get to work on Monday.


As I said, a lot depends on the doctor and the selected parameters. In Morpheus8, the power varies from 5 J/cm2 to 62J/cm2. The higher the power the doctor chose, the less often (once a year) the procedure should be performed. The lower the power the doctor chose (5-10J), the more often the procedure can be performed (once a month).

I am a Doctor of the Golden Medium and I assume that collagen restructuring takes 4-6 months. And this means that we do the procedure on average parameters no more than 1 time in 4-6 months.
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